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From the Desk of Managing Director

mdDespite our efforts to prevent and relieve it, there is still terrible amount of suffering in the world. While the rates of illness and death from infectious disease and malnutrition have gone down in developed countries, the same rates from Cancer and circulatory disease have risen. Genetic defects, accident and violence take their toll. Population density makes the impact of natural disasters worse than it once was. Although medical Science has helped us to achieve longer life span, we often require medical assistance to live through those extra years. As much as we need doctors, there is also a need for nurses to work with patients and translate doctor's recommendations into real health improvement or pain relief. Nursing schools not only prepare you for a great and financially rewarding career they also give you the knowledge and skills you need to make difference in people's lives. This can take place in hospital, hospice, doctor's office, school, camp nursing home, or patient's residence. " I want to make the world a better place" might be a cliché, but there are few better ways to do it that is by studying and practicing nursing.
Wish you success                                                                                                    

I.P. Singh
Managing Director